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House Sitting in Dunedin

Our house sitting services are now available in Dunedin! Find your favourite house sitter in our Dunedin house sitter directory. If you want to become a house sitter, you can sign-up here.

Your pets stay at home

The most common reason people prefer housesitting is that their pets can stay at home. Having someone to come to your home to look after your pets at all times adds an extra layer of comfort to the homeowner.

Alternative to kennels & catteries

Don't pay the cost of a kennel, cattery or other pet motel. Instead of your pet staying alone, they'll have the company of a pet lover and your pets can stay at home. That way, you'll know they're relaxed just like you are!

24/7 support for our sitters

With our 24/7 support, finding a trusted house sitter has never been so simple. Our directory is easy to use and allows you to message house sitters directly. Looking for a house sit? Simply sign-up and homeowners get in contact with you.

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It's simple to find house sitters in Dunedin with MyHouseSit.

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Short term stays in Dunedin

Going down to Dunedin can always be a fun short term stay, but with all of the travel costs and accommodation costs, it can really leave a mark on your bank account.

MyHouseSit provides the perfect solution to this problem, by providing you with accommodation that’s nearly rent free! For only a small monthly fee, you’ll be able to connect with home owners that are looking for house sitters and stay in their home for that short period. Finding a short term solution for your accommodation needs in Dunedin shouldn’t be a problem with MyHouseSit.

Long term stays in Dunedin

If you’re looking to spend more than just a few days in Dunedin, you might find that generally, accommodation can be terribly expensive. MyHouseSit can offer you a solution to this problem, providing a way to find cheap accommodation that will allow you to live life in a new and exciting way.
You’ll have the opportunity to live somewhere different, in an actual home compared to other accommodation options in Dunedin like hotels and apartments. Whether you feel like switching it up and taking on multiple house sitting jobs or if you just want to stay at just the one place for your long term stay, MyHouseSit will be able to help you out.

What to do in Dunedin

We now have Dunedin available for our house sitting services! Finding a house sitter is always a good idea when you choose to go away, just to have that peace of mind knowing that your house will be free from any robberies, the house will be maintained and your pets (if you have any) will be looked after properly. 
The city known as the student centre of the country, Dunedin, is the forefront of vibrant student culture that adds to the daily fun that is experienced there. This city might be the most ideal place if you’re a student looking to house sit there so you can avoid paying rent! However, house sitting in Dunedin will be a blast for almost anyone as there are so many things to do. 

The Otago Peninsula is considered the biggest attraction in Dunedin and holds some of the most magnificent marine life that could be seen in the country such as penguins, seals and even the rare New Zealand Sea Lion! From there you can take a number of walks such as the “Lovers Leap” that will take you to some breathtaking views. 

Visit the Speight’s brewery to see the magic behind the making of the beer that originates at that very place. You can enjoy a tour to see how the beer is made and the process behind it and also do a beer tasting of the Speights beers that have been given the title of “the pride of the South.”

Dog sitting, cat sitting and pet sitting

One of the biggest concerns for people going away on holiday is leaving without their pets. My House Sit will take away these concerns as we provide you with assurance that your pets, whether it be a dog, cat or any other type of pet will be looked after and cared for. 

On top of this, getting a pet sitter through My House Sit is also a lot cheaper! Catteries and kennels can drain your bank account and if you’re already going on holiday, you’ll want to make sure you keep your other costs down to a minimum. 

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