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House Sitting in Queenstown

Our house sitting services are now available in Queenstown! Find your favourite house sitter in our Queenstown sitter directory. If you want to become a house sitter, you can sign-up here.

Your pets stay at home

The most common reason people prefer housesitting is that their pets can stay at home. Having someone to come to your home to look after your pets at all times adds an extra layer of comfort to the homeowner.

Alternative to kennels & catteries

Don't pay the cost of a kennel, cattery or other pet motel. Instead of your pet staying alone, they'll have the company of a pet lover and your pets can stay at home. That way, you'll know they're relaxed just like you are!

24/7 support for our sitters

With our 24/7 support, finding a trusted house sitter has never been so simple. Our directory is easy to use and allows you to message house sitters directly. Looking for a house sit? Simply sign-up and homeowners get in contact with you.

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Short term stays in Queenstown

If you’re looking to stay in Queenstown for just a short period of time, MyHouseSit is the perfect platform to use to organise your accommodation for your travels. Whether you’re looking to hop between houses in Queenstown to get a taste for different areas or you’re house sitting in just the one house, we’ll have plenty of options for you.
Short term accommodation in Queenstown can be hard to find and not to mention, very costly. Spend less of your money on accommodation with MyHouseSit and more of your money on all of the fun and exciting things to do in Queenstown!

Long term stays in Queenstown

Finding cheap and affordable places to stay in Queenstown may not be as simple as you may think, and for longer stays, it can end up costing quite a bit. You can use MyHouseSit to find many long term house sitting opportunities in Queenstown so that you can enjoy your stay with cheaper accommodation.

You may be able to find one house sitting gig that lasts the entirety of your stay, or you can book multiple house sitting jobs in Queenstown to keep things exciting.

What to do in Queenstown

Queenstown is now our newest house sitting location. Finding a house sitter when you’re looking to have a holiday is a must, to provide you peace of mind that your home and pets are safe. There are options for house sitters both short term and long term so be sure to check out our website to get started.

Queenstown is often known as the tourist city of New Zealand. It’s a common place for not only overseas tourists to visit, but also kiwis from across New Zealand. There’s an endless amount of things to do, things to see and places to explore. For people that love sight seeing and a nice relaxing activity, they will love the Milford Sound cruise that captures the essence of the beautiful New Zealand landscape.

On this cruise, if you’re lucky enough you may even be able to see dolphins and seals! There’s nothing like a holiday in the land of the kiwis without a trip to the Skyline Gondola and luge where you can zoom down to beat your family and friends. Another thing Queenstown is known for, is having the biggest swing in New Zealand, if you’re brave enough you can give it a try! Have a break and grab a bite to eat at the burger joint that is known across New Zealand for having the best burgers in New Zealand, Fergs Burgers. 

Dog sitting, cat sitting and pet sitting

If you’re going away on holiday, there’s no doubt you’ll want the best care for your pets while you’re away and for the cheapest price possible. While generally people put their cats in catteries or kennels or even hire their own pet sitter, you should consider finding a free house sitter on my MyHouseSit.

This way, you get to choose which pet sitter you’d like, so you’ll at the very least know who is looking after your pets and that your pets are in the best care possible. Getting a pet sitter also relieves any stress that may be put on your pets otherwise, as they are able to stay in the house that they are familiar with rather than at a cattery or kennel where they could be scared due to not knowing where they are.

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