Hi, I'm Allie,

I am a masters student, based in Hamilton, who will be needing to spend a large amount of time in Wellington for my thesis. House sitting would be ideal as it would allow me to have places to stay without having to rent. I also love animals but currently can't/don't live with any, so being able to spend time with other people's pets would be an added, very welcome bonus.

What are your house sitting experiences?

Yes, so far only for friends and family.

How are you with animals?

Yes. I look after and take my neighbour's dog for walks every week. During high school, I also frequently took care of my neighbours' pets when they went away on holiday. I love animals and am very comfortable looking after pets.

What makes a good house sitter?

In my opinion, a good house sitter is someone who listens carefully and adheres to instructions left regarding pet care and general house maintenance. Tidiness, cleanliness and respect for other peoples' property and privacy also helps too.

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