Hi, I'm Christabella

I am a professional who still works full time in the city as a Senior Recruitment Consultant, a role I have been doing for nearly 20 years. My mother has opened her home to many garden tours in the past, and I have inherited her love of gardening. I consider myself to be physically fit and take pride in a neat and tidy home. I live alone, and after selling my house earlier this year, I am keen to continue house sitting while I continue to look for my next home, while also honouring any commitment to a house-sit. I have been house-sitting in Days Bay for 5 months and this comes to an end at Labour weekend.

What are your house sitting experiences?

I have house-sitted on 3 occasions only, over the last 20 years. One previous owner commented that the house and garden was tidier than they would have ever kept it. This current house is being prepared for sale and has many outside steep paths, a large garden and house to manage and to keep it tidy at all times as well as managing the cars, collecting mail at the post office weekly, and general maintenance have been the main duties. Looking after the house as if it's your own in a nutshell.

How are you with animals?

I have had cats and dogs in the past but don't have any pets of my own now. Ten years ago while working as a companion to elderly in their homes in the UK, walking and caring for their animals was one of the many duties.

What makes a good house sitter?

The fact that I have a great respect for other people's property and I work hard to exceed expectations in terms of keeping home and garden immaculate.

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