Hi, we are Connor and Marielle!

Marielle works in the government and Connor runs his own online marketing business. We also run an online gift box company together called We Love Local. We love house sitting because it allows us to mix up our routine, meet new people and spend time with pets.

What are your house sitting experiences?

We have done about 4 house sits together, mainly for friends, but also a few for people that we met through House Sitting NZ.

How are you with animals?

We are confident in taking care of all sorts of pets. In previous house sits we have looked after bigger dogs, and have never had any issues.

What makes a good house sitter?

A good house sitter is responsible. They respect the privacy of the home owners and makes sure the pets are in great care.

Connor was a great house sitter. My pets loved him and I would recommend him to anyone considering getting a Wellington based sitter.

Rachael from Wellington

Connor was excellent. Loved the updates and photos we were getting of our pets.

John from Greymouth

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