Hi, I'm Jess

Hello, I am Jess, I am 25 years old and my profession is Personal Training. I am originally from Cromwell Central Otago. My reason for applying to house sit, is so I can save to travel overseas. It is also hard to find a place to live in Wellington at times, for good reasons! it is beautiful and very busy! So the option to house sit is very helpful.

What are your house sitting experiences?

I have looked after a few homes for as long as 2 weeks up to 4 months. Some live in, some just checking in and living off site, some with pets and some with other maintenance tasks like gardening, pool cleaning and other homely maintenance. Looking after a persons home is easy and enjoyable for me, I have been described by friends and family in the past as 'such a home maker!'.

How are you with animals?

I am happy and confident to look after NZs typical house hold pets... cats, dogs... rabbits, fish, birds... I am a confident learner, so if there are pets which need extra attention or special attention I can deliver. My mum is an animal enthusiast, so I was lucky to be raised in an environment which i was partially responsible for the lively hood and happiness of many pets! Including horses, birds and fish alongside bunnies, dogs and cats. If friend are away, I am the first person they ask to take care of their pets.

What makes a good house sitter?

Someone who understands that the reason for a home owner getting a house sitter, is because their home, belongings, pets ect.. are very important to them. A good house sitter will respected and taken care of everything just as they would if they were the owner. values: respect, maturity, competency, honesty, reliable.

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