Hi, we are Luke and Ben

Luke & Ben are to down to earth Kiwi blokes who are best mates. They do a lot of life together and run busy businesses in the Auckland region. Both are lovers of dogs and cats but are happy to feed any type of pet. House sitting provides a way to beat a bit of Auckland rent and to see more of the city whilst also creating more creativity and ideas for their businesses.

What are your house sitting experiences?

Luke & Ben have completed a number of house sits and have ‘favourites’ who book them in repeatedly. They can provide references if needed.

How are you with animals?

Luke & Ben both come from rural beginnings and have had exposure to all types of animals and pets. They have both had significant house sitting experience.

What makes a good house sitter?

Luke & Ben work from home a lot of the time so they can be there to look after your home for a lot of the day. They will both communicate with you regularly to ensure you are up to date whilst you are away from your pets and your house.

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