Hi, I'm Matt,

Heya, I’m an Australian travelling around NZ with my girlfriend Geri, before heading back to Australia September 20th. We have both been living in Queenstown for a long time so are in touch with the kiwi hospitality! Geri’s parents are both vets and we are a friendly animal loving couple! We have lived in rentals and share houses for a long time, as well as countless international Airbnb’s - so we are both well versed on the desired etiquette and respect of homeowners with tenants. Look forward to hearing from you :) Cheers

What are your house sitting experiences?

See above (rental and Airbnb history).

How are you with animals?

As mentioned, both Geri’s parents are vets and she grew up around dogs, cats, horses and sheep to name afew! I myself had childhood dogs as well as a majority of my friends.

What makes a good house sitter?

Always respecting the wishes of homeowners, and ensuring awareness of homeowners expectations at all times. Being transparent with communication and respecting all guidelines lay out by homeowners. Showing pets endless love and being consistent with their current routines and lifestyle.

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