Hi, I'm Rosie,

My name is Rosie. I've been living in Wellington for one year and I am originally from the UK. I plan to travel a little before I go back to the UK. I would like to house sit because I would love the opportunity to look after animals, I would love to be a pet owner but unfortualey due to my circumstances I am unable to have one at the moment. I would love to stay somewhere with a garden and wouldn't mind helping out with the gardening, as I haven't had my own garden space for a while, and I love being outdoors and in nature.

What are your house sitting experiences?

I have some previous housesitting experience looking after 2 dogs and 4 cats

How are you with animals?

I have experience in looking after pets previously looked after dogs, cats, and chickens

What makes a good house sitter?

Clean, tidy, honest, likes looking after pets, and respectful of other peoples homes.

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