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5 tips for pet care when you're house sitting

If you’re a house sitter and not experienced with pets, you may not always know how to look after them in the best way. Luckily for you, we've compiled our top 5 tips for pet care when you're house sitting, so that whether you're new to pit sitting or looking to sharpen your skills, you can give the pets the care that they deserve.

5 tips for pet care when you’re house sitting

Being a house sitter through Myhousesit is a great way to make money and have fun at the same time. Sometimes when you are house sitting you might also be required to do pet sitting in New Zealand. Pet sitting in Auckland and the rest of the country can be considered a bonus to house sitting as people generally love pets. However, not every house sitter in NZ is comfortable with pets or have experience with them.

For those that haven’t taken care of pets before we have a collection of pet sitting tips to help you along the adventure.

1. Ask For Notes

If you’re  house sitting in New Zealand and part of the agreement is for you to look after the owner’s pets too, then it’s important for you to know the pets routine. Ask the client before they leave to provide information on their pet’s needs, habits, and what they expect. This helps to keep the pet happy and prevents too much upset in their lives.

Don’t forget to ask for emergency numbers for the pets to be left on the notes. Most pet owners will do this normally but it is important to know what to do if something happens.

2. Take the pet for a walk

If you’re looking after a dog, instead of keeping them cooped up inside or in the outdoors space of the property, you should take the dog on a walk. Dogs love getting exercise, it gives them a chance to stretch their legs, fresh air and they love playing with humans! There are plenty of places you can take your dog walking whether you’re dog walking in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch as there are dog parks and running tracks. Taking a dog for a walk can also give you some good exercise too and give you some time away from work and screens. 

3. Give Them Enough Attention

A lot of animals generally require a lot of attention, whether that be playing with them, feeding them or cuddling them. While it depends on the type of animal, such as a cat, dog or a fish or the type of breed, it might be a good idea to ask the owner how much attention they usually need as some pets need more attention than others!

4. Do Some Research Beforehand

Every pet is different. Even different breeds have different requirements, energy levels, and other unique traits. Use the internet to your advantage and find out things about a type of pet you’re unfamiliar with so you know what to expect when the time comes that you have to look after it. While the owner may specific certain things, it always pays to have a good idea beforehand of what the particular type of pet eats and how they behave. 

5. Good Communication

Communicating with the owner is a great idea while they’re away as pet owners love to know that their best friends are doing well. A text once a day or so works well, just so that the owner is assured that their pets are having fun. For pet owners that are traveling internationally, an email works too. Taking photos throughout the day helps to reassure them that everything is going well. 

To conclude

Pets can be marvelously good company. House sitting in New Zealand can be a great way to earn money but also to spend some time with pets too if you pet sit too. Instead of worrying about looking after the pet, just relax and have fun with the pets, that’s the main thing. Don’t forget to take photos for the owner so that they can see that their pet had just as good of a time while they were on vacation! 

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