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7 tips for becoming the best house sitter

Want to find out how you can be the best house sitter and get great ratings? In this blog post, we discuss our top 7 tips on how to become the best house sitter, so that you can be the best house sitter you possibly can be!

7 tips for becoming the best house sitter

There are a lot of ways to earn extra money. House sitting is one of them. A house sitter is someone who watches after a house while the home owners are out of town. It may involve visiting the home daily or sometimes staying at the home, depending on the client’s needs. A majority of house sitting is now booked online through companies and makes finding house sitters in NZ much easier.

Why Is It Important To Be A Good House Sitter? 

With websites becoming the most popular way to find house sitters, you need to stand out amongst the competition. 

Myhousesit has a rating feature in which clients can rate their experience with a sitter. So by being a good house sitter, you can get better ratings and reviews which will make you more likely to get other house sitting gigs too, since home owners will be more likely to choose a house sitter with good ratings.

By being a good house sitter, you could possibly also get consistent house sitting opportunities with the same home owner. Some home owners leave their house vacant many times during the year so if they liked you enough, they could ask you to house sit everytime.

It’s also just respectful to the house you’re staying at and the home owner to be the best house sitter you can possibly be, by doing everything they ask and just generally caring for the house as you would if it were your own. 

1. Communication is key

Communication is key for home owners. Communication starts before the client reaches out to you. Your online profile serve as the first form of communication, the introduction. From there on, good communication provides the home owner with piece of mind knowing that their house is in good hands. Some home owners may also need to ask some questions for assurance of whether anything is forgotten and some reminders of things to do. Replying back to those questions right away can ease their worries and let them know you’re a trusted house sitter.

2. Be Open And Flexible

Being open and flexible is a great way to get and keep clients. Cultures vary from home to home, even in the same country. You will have to be willing to adapt to how the person takes care of their house and what they expect. 

There are plenty of new and exciting house sitting opportunities on our website, so don’t be afraid to try some new things out. If you’re finding it hard to find a house sitting job, broadening your search might be a good idea. If you’re flexible with locations, times, pets and other factors, you’ll get more offers for house sitting in no time!

3. Make a good first impression

Remember, first impressions count. When you meet the home owner for the first time, make sure you’re kind, polite and most importantly, be yourself. The goal is to make sure the home owner knows that you’re the right person to look after their home and that you’ll keep their house and pets safe and sound while they’re away. 

You’ll also want to perfect your house sitting profile also. Your house sitting profile is the first thing the home owner will see so you need to make sure it resonates with them. Put yourself in their shoes, and think about what they would want to know. Explain what you’re like, whether you love pets or like cleaning and other things you’re into. Don’t forget to include relevant experience too. 

4. Care For The Home (And Pets) As If They Were Your Own

The number one rule for being a house sitter in NZ is to take care of the client’s home like your own or better. Not only is this the way you should treat any household you’re in, but it will also mean that the home owner will come back to their house in the condition it should be in, and they’ll be stoked!

As you go about your time house sitting pick up everything that you move, leave behind, or otherwise interact with. Perform the same chores that you would at your own home. 

If they have pets, treat them as if they were your own. Groom them, give them plenty of pets, cuddle with them, etc. Playing with pets is half the fun after all!

5. Have a checklist ready on arrival

When you arrive to the house you’ll be house sitting at, you should come with a note-pad and pen ready to write a checklist for everything you need to do, where things are and important reminders. Go over this with the home owner and you’ll look professional and trust-worthy, and the checklist will help you remember everything!

6. Safety Is Important

Home safety and security, in part, comes down to taking good care of the home. That means cutting the lawn, picking up the mail, turning lights off, and other tasks that make the home look occupied. These may be small tasks but they can prevent something from happening while the homeowner is gone.

It doesn’t hurt to introduce yourself to the neighbors so that they know who you are and that you’re occupying the house while the home owner is away. It also provides you with a contact in case of an emergency at the house.

7. Clean Up Extra Well

Cleaning up really well before the client comes home is a great way to impress them. Especially if you leave the home in better shape than you found it. Don’t forget to put the sheets in the laundry and make the bed too! The last thing they will want to do is wash the sheets when they get home. 

It’s not completely necessary to go above and beyond what you’d usually be expected to do in terms of cleaning, but home owners do notice that kind of stuff and it will be sure to give you a better rating!

To conclude

House sitting is a fun and exciting experience! It allows you to live in different locations and different houses to keep your life fresh. If you’re a kiwi house sitter, you could also try house sitting abroad too, which gives you the chance to live overseas without paying rent - how good! 

Being a good house sitter doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy being a house sitter any less, it just means taking responsibility and making an effort to make things convenient for you and the home owner for when they come back. You’ll be rewarded for this effort through better ratings and more house sitting gigs on offer. 

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