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House sitting in Wellington city

Why house sit in Wellington? Because it's the coolest little capital! Here are some fun ideas of what you can do in Wellington during your house sit or your holiday.

Get the most out of your house sit in Wellington

Wellington is a popular tourist destination, receiving millions of visitors every single year. Living in Wellington, whether short or long-term, provides a fantastic opportunity to get the know the intricacies of the city better, as well as make friends along the way. Amongst the tourist attractions, universities, beaches, views, and restaurants, you won’t be short of a thing to do during your entire stay.

About Wellington City

Wellington is one of the most populated cities in New Zealand and its capital city. There are close to 500,000 people living in the region, with the city being a true melting pot: almost 25% of people living in Wellington are born overseas! This makes it the perfect place to stay while you travel.

House sitting in Wellington

House sitting in Wellington allows you to live in a great city, a new experience and while you’re having fun. In this article, we’re going to let you know all those things you can do in this city.

House sitting can be a great way to travel around New Zealand at a low cost. In fact, there are many house sitting jobsavailable in Wellington at the moment, where you can stay in great homes, meet cool new pets and travel almost for free!

Moving between houses, you’ll have the opportunity to experience new suburbs and regions of Wellington that you might never have explored before. In this sense, you can really get a feel for ‘living’ in Wellington, rather than just that feeling of passing through. We believe that this rich cultural experience is something that is unique to house sitting.

Is house sitting while traveling for you?

People tend to have their own way of traveling. Some, prefer a brisk, whirlwind tour of places, seeing all that they’ve always wanted before moving to another city to experience the location icons there. With house sitting, it’s quite the opposite. Feedback that we constantly receive is that travelers who house sit tend to feel like they’ve almost become a part of the cultural landscape, developing routines and habits around whichever area they’re traveling. This might be by knowing exactly where the supermarket is or the bus timetable.

While typically there are also pets to care for and a few other responsibilities, house sitting seems to be the relaxing approach to travel that many are after. While some are after hostels or hotels, the proximity of people and culture is a real draw card for house sitting.

One great thing offered by the house-sitting experience is that the places you travel to or areas that you stay tend to be ‘less traveled’. As you go from place to place, you might find that you end up in locations that you hadn’t planned to visit, but turned out just great!

What to do during your house-sit

Wellington boasts a number of things to do while you house sit. The city is unique in the way that many things to do are within walking distance! On the other hand, a robust and consistent public transport system ensures that you’ll be able to move to and from places within the city without a problem.

The options of tourist attractions in this city will make picking which ones to see a toughie! From the museums, the cable car, lookouts and of course the beach, Wellington seems to have it all!

Te Papa Museum is a fantastic option for those who love modern buildings and historic artifacts. Experience New Zealand’s rich national history or check out the latest exhibitions that the museum has to offer.

The Botanical Gardens is perfect for taking children, going for a walk or run, or as an alternative route to see the look out from the Wellington cable car.

Mount Victoria look-out is located in central Wellington, where you’ll get an incredible sight of the entire city.

The closeness to the beach and to the South Island (which is accessible by Ferry) can also mean that you can either set-up in Wellington before journeying further South (or vice versa), or you can make a day trip out of it by catching the ferry down to Picton.

Lastly, you may want to take a look or sunbathe at Oriental Bay, it’s an incredible beach with a unique story in that it was man-made!

Exploring indoors

There is so much to do in indoors in Wellington, from restaurants to famous movie premieres at the Embassy theatre. As well as this, there’s rock climbing, go-karting, laser tag, and much more.

Exploring outdoors

Windy Wellington is sure to always surround you with fresh air! The Red rocks is a scenic location that many tourists to Wellington city enjoy. You can also consider hiring a kayak or paddle board to take out onto the ocean if it’s warm enough!

As well as the town belt, there are many walks to do near the city, from 1-2 hour loops to full day tramps or overnight adventures.

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