How to choose a dog groomer

Getting your dog regularly groomed is great for their health and also keeps them looking fantastic. This blog will help you decide where you should take them.

How to choose a dog groomer

There’s a range of benefits for your dog's health by having them regularly groomed. Although there are some things you can do at home for your pet, experienced dog groomers will be able to have your dog looking and smelling brand new. If your dog is due for a trip to the groomer, it can be hard deciding just who you should take them to, as there are many great places offering dog grooming services, especially in big cities. We have provided you with some handy tips to help you decide what groomer you should take your furry friend to for a spruce up! 

If you're house sitting for a long period of time, you may find that with a change of season the dog that you're pet sitting for may need to be groomed.

What type of grooming does your dog need?

If your pooch only requires a bath and some basic grooming work is done (e.g. nail clipping) then you likely won't need to visit a high-end professional groomer for these services. This will also ensure you don’t spend more than you need to. Dog groomers work on very strict schedules, and because their time is very valuable, a high-end groomer may have bathing services that are more expensive than others, as they could otherwise be using that time providing comprehensive grooming to another dog.

High-end professional groomers are perfect when your dog needs a styled cut. If you want your dog to have a specific haircut that isn’t listed in a dog groomers offered services, be sure to ask them if they can accommodate your request, and if they have any past experience with that style.

Is there a dog groomer near you?

The number of dogs is rising faster than the human population in New Zealand, as we now have over 560,000 registered dogs throughout the country. For this reason, the number of pet groomers, dog walkers, and doggy daycares continues to increase too, so there’ll likely be a dog groomer just a short drive away from you. Jump online and check out dog groomers near you, as you might just discover a hidden gem right around the corner!

If this isn’t the case, and the nearest groomer to you is quite a distance, consider hiring the services of a mobile groomer, as they’ll come right to your door with all the necessary equipment and set up in their vehicle to provide high-level grooming. Mobile groomers are especially great for those of us that are working from home, house sitting, or who simply don’t have enough time in their busy schedule.

What breed of dog do you have?

Your dog’s breed will impact how many groomers are available to you, as some groomers are strictly for small or large breeds. Some groomers even specialise in providing quality grooming for a specific breed. If you own a dog that has a specialised groomer for that breed in the region, strongly consider visiting them as they will likely have a greater amount of experience with them than any other groomer.

If you have a long-haired breed of dog, they will typically require more extensive work done on their trip to a groomer than short-haired breeds. Ask potential groomers how much experience they have working with your particular breed of dog before making a booking.

Find out how your dog will be accommodated

Before making a booking for your pooch at the groomers, ask them how your dog will be housed before and after their groom. If the groomer is unwilling to show you these areas, it may be that they aren’t a very good size or aren’t overly clean. Ask in advance to schedule a time to have a look at their facilities to check the overall cleanliness and size of their areas.

 Some groomers will even socialise your dog with others before and/or after a groom. This can be a great opportunity for your dog to have some added fun on their trip to the groomer, especially if they don’t get the chance to spend much time with other dogs that often.

Ask others about their experiences

As roughly one in ten Kiwis own a dog, it’s very likely that some of your friends and family have taken their pooch to a groomer. Ask around to see what groomer they’ve used. By doing this, you’ll be getting first-hand accounts on multiple facets of a groomer’s service, such as the quality of the groom, the price, the friendliness of the staff, and the length of time it took. You can use this valuable information to decide whether or not that groomer is right for you and your dog.

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