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How to create the perfect house sitting profile

Want to find out how you can stand out amongst the competiton for being a house sitter? Creating the perfect profile is single handedly the most important thing you can do to create interest in your profile. Read more to find the 5 easy tips you can take to make your house sitting profile the best one yet.

How to create the perfect house sitting profile

If you’re interested in house sitting in NZ, whether it’s for rent free living or for the fun and exciting life that house sitting leads, you may be stuck trying to create the perfect house sitting profile.  House sitting websites such as Myhousesit, requires house sitter profiles so that potential clients to get to know you and determine whether or not you are right for the job.

Your house sitter profile is your first point of communication with a client and it is vital that you do your best to set up a quality profile. In this article, we are going to help you come up with the perfect house sitting profile.

Choosing The Right Photo

Some house sitting websites don’t require you to have a profile picture, but a profile picture is important to getting business. You want to have a good photo that helps convey who you are and that you are a good and trustworthy person. Put on a big smile and make sure you’re dressed appropriately. If you’re after a house sitting jobs that involves looking after pets in particular, then you could also include a photo with you and a pet to show how pet friendly you are.

Include Relevant Experience

Home owners want to know that you have experience, so that they can trust you to take care of their homes while you are gone. Include any experience you have with house sitting in your house sitter profile and don’t shy away from going into detail about those experiences. 

Be clear about any unique tasks you had to do or any big responsibilities you had to take on. There may be the possibility that future home owners that look at your profile may also need the same tasks to be done, which can make them more inclined to choose you! 

If you haven’t yet had any experience with house sitting - no worries! Just talk about who you are, what you like to do and why you think you would be the best person for the job. You can also include other experience you’ve had in similar roles like baby sitting and more. This way the home owner will know while you haven’t done house sitting before, you’ve handled responsibility well. 

Try To Show What Kind Of Person You Are

Throughout your profile, you should use every opportunity to show what kind of person you are. You are aiming to show that you are happy, friendly, and outgoing person. These are the kinds of traits that the clients will want to see. Also, do your best to showcase that you are a pet person. Talk about your favourite things to do in your spare time and what kind of person you are. The job is to show home owners that you’re a trust-worthy person.

Provide A Reason Why You Want To Housesit

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to be a house sitter in NZ. Whether you want to live rent-free, you love animals or want the opportunity to travel, be sure to include it in your profile! Potential clients want to know the reasons that you are interested in house sitting. 

Get The Best References

Home owners will, without a doubt, want to know how you have done for other house sitting jobs. Find home owners that you have worked with or neighbors whose houses you have sat who will write the best possible references and ask them to give you a reference on your house sitter profile. The more high-quality references you can get, the better your profile will look.

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