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Save money house sitting

With rents and mortgage costs sky high, house sitting is more appealing than ever. if you're a kiwi or traveller looking to save while you stay in New Zealand, whether its Wellington, Auckland or another location, then check out this set of tips to save money house sitting.

How to save money with house sitting

The house sitting industry is more appealing than ever and people nowadays are choosing to house sit rather than getting some other type of accommodation. Kiwi home owners are often looking to get away on holiday and need someone they can trust to look after their house and their pets if they have any. It gives house sitters the chance to live abroad, move out of home and live in different types of houses. Among these benefits of house sitting, a key advantage is the ability to save money - for both the house sitters and homeowners!

If you’re a house sitter

As mentioned earlier, house sitting offers many benefits to New Zealand house sitters. However, the money that is saved is arguably the best benefit of house sitting. This can be extremely important to people who are low on cash or people who are trying to save up for their first house.

Saving money on rent

With the rent prices booming all across New Zealand these days, it can be extremely hard for all kinds of people from students to full time workers to find their own place to live. This also applies to hotels and motels that can be even more expensive and will drain your bank account if you stay there for too long. House sitting eliminates this idea and allows people to live in different homes - rent free! While there is a fee that needs to be paid for using the My House Sit service, it’s definitely a lot cheaper than renting and you’ll be able to see your bank account racking up the cash week after week.

Saving travel costs

One of the ideas about being a house sitter is, is that you’ll be able to house sit at a location that suits you best, or is the most convenient for you. So if you work or study in a particular suburb or in the CBD, you might be able to find a place available for house sitting that’s closer to that location, than where you were living previously. This could make it walking distance to work or just a short bus ride which can save you the usual travel costs!

If you’re a homeowner

House sitting can also save the home owners a lot of money too. As homeowners usually employ house sitters for the main reason being to keep the house protected in case of a robbery, this is essentially saving money in itself. This is because a robbery could result in a massive amount of money’s worth that far exceeds the small fee of the My House Sit website.

Pet sitters, catteries and kennels are surprisingly expensive

Our house sitting service also provides house sitters the chance to do pet sitting as well. The best thing about this, is that there is no additional charge with it! This is fantastic for home owners because the alternatives to hiring a pet sitter such as kennels and catteries can be very pricey. The same goes with other pet sitters outside of My House Sit as they can charge extremely high rates. If you’re also on holiday then this added cost of the kennel or cattery or the pet sitter will make the trip cost a lot more than you were probably hoping for.

Want to become a house sitter? Here’s how:

Begin your quest as a house sitter! Becoming a house sitter is super easy and the rewards are endless. Signing up only takes a few minutes, here’s how to do it:

  1. Decide what kind of house sitter you’d like to be. You can choose to be just a house sitter or you can choose to be both a house sitter and pet sitter. Ideally, you should know what location(s) you would like to house sit in before you sign up.
  2. Apply online on the My House Sit website to become a house sitter.
  3. Create your profile. This is the most important part of the house sitting process. This is the part where homeowners get to see who you are and what you’re like, so you should make sure it is well written and shows that you are enthusiastic, whether you have experience and whether you’re open to looking after pets.
  4. Home owners will check your profile and will be in contact with you if they like your profile.
  5. The final step is to meet with the home owners and start your house sitting journey!

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