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The rent revolution: Save with house sitting

With the housing crisis in New Zealand continuing in 2019, house sitting has never been a more attractive option for accommodation as you get to live rent free! In this blog post, we discuss how you won't have to pay for outrageously high rent prices when you can house sit instead.

The rent revolution: save with house sitting

With the housing market in New Zealand still looking worse for wear, finding rentals can be difficult, not to mention very expensive. Rent prices continue to increase and it’s becoming harder to be able to afford them. The New Zealand government is working hard to fix these housing problems, but who knows when it’ll be resolved. House sitting can be the solution to this problem and is great if you’re looking to avoid hefty rent costs or you’re not wanting to buy a house. House sitting is known as the “rent revolution” for the way that it has changed the housing market with its rent free way of life!

House sitting can be a great way to save money for overseas travels or if you’re not a person who likes to stay in one place anyway. It offers an exciting and adventurous lifestyle as if you house sit for months on end, you’ll likely be living in several different houses and you’ll meet plenty of new people along the way!

What is house sitting?

House sitting is the phenomenon that is growing increasingly popular where a home owner leaves a house vacant for someone called a “house sitter” to live in that house and look after everything. This is great for home owners as they can be ensured that their house is safe from any robberies and with Myhousesit, you can check each house sitter profile so that you know more about them. 

In the past, house sitting was typically organised by informal agreements by people who knew each other in one way or another. Nowadays, people get house sitting gigs through house sitting agencies, just like Myhousesit, that organise the whole process for you.

How does house sitting save you money? 

House sitting in NZ can provide home owners with assurance that their house will be kept safe, maintained and their pets are fed and will provide house sitters with an opportunity to keep on the move with different living environments and new people to meet. While this is all and well, you may be asking “how would this save me money?” Here are a few ways that house sitting can save you money. 

No rent prices

With rent prices sky high, it’s no wonder that people are against the idea of renting. Some people just don’t have an option though, whether you’re relocated for work or if you’ve moved away from home to study. Being a house sitter can save you money as you don’t have to pay rent when you house sit! House sitting often isn’t entirely free however as you have to pay for food, house sitting website fees and some home owners may require you to pay for the power you use too. Despite this, you’ll still make substantial savings by house sitting compared to if you were to rent. 

The house sitting revolution is set to beat the Auckland housing crisis as it’s getting more popular by the day, and it’s not hard to see why!

Travel around the world, rent-free

While rent prices overseas may not be as high as it is in New Zealand, there’s no doubt you’ll stay want to reduce your costs as much as possible while you’re travelling. House sitting provides a great opportunity for this as you can house sit abroad for free! This way, you can stretch out your travel budget and spend a longer time in a place that interests you more, without having to worry about the accommodation costs. 

Save on travel costs

While this may not always be the case, when home owners leave the house for the house sitter to occupy, they often leave their car behind, and may even let you use their car for that period. With the only expense of using the car being the cost of gas, you’ll save money from where you’d otherwise spend on bus or train trips or uber and taxi rides. Aside from the money saved, using a car is more convenient too! 

In other cases, you may be house sitting in a location where you’ll be living close to where you study or where you work, so you can walk there instead! Not only will this save you transport costs but it will give you some good exercise and fresh air!

To conclude

House sitting offers an adventurous lifestyle that is accompanied by the awesome fact that your costs will be significantly reduced. House sitting is almost like a loophole to the bad housing crisis that we have in New Zealand. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, house sitting should be at the forefront of your mind. 

Look at it like this: why would you waste your hard earned money by paying for overpriced rentals when you could instead live the exciting and fun lifestyle of house sitting while saving huge amounts of money? If you’re not into the idea of constantly moving to different houses and would prefer to have a reliable living space, then we totally understand. Otherwise you should give house sitting a go!

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