Top 10 vets in Christchurch

Looking for a great vet in the Christchurch region? Look no further! We’ve made a list of the top 10 vets in Christchurch.

Top 10 vets in Christchurch

McMaster & Heap Veterinary Practice

With a modern, purpose built clinic designed to provide an excellent quality of care for all pets, the McMaster & Heap Veterinary Practice ‘enhance the physical and psychological wellbeing of (their) clients by ensuring excellent quality of life and longevity of their pet’. With a very extensive range of medical services offered by this knowledgeable and compassionate team of vets and nurses, your pet will be in fantastic hands.

Aldwins Road Vet Clinic

At Aldwins Road Vet Clinic, they truly understand the place a pet holds in the heart of their owner, and therefore do everything they possibly can to ensure they are taken care of as well as they possibly can. As well as offering an extensive range of medical services, you can also use the team at Aldwins Road Vet for fun and highly effective puppy pre-school classes. It's not just the young ones that can be taught good manners, as they also offer behavioural consultations for dogs of all ages too.

Shirley Vet Clinic

Caring for pets from throughout Christchurch for the last 35 years has resulted in the team at Shirley Vet Clinic being well versed in providing excellent care for pets with all types of medical conditions and injuries. They are also on hand to deal with emergencies round the clock, so you can rest assured knowing your pet will be able to receive the medical attention they require, whenever they need it. Their self service dog wash is also available 24/7 too.

Merivale-Papanui Veterinary Clinic

The family-owned Merivale-Papanui Veterinary Clinic takes pride in delivering personalised, compassionate care to all of their guests and their owners throughout the region. Since 1976, they have been caring for all kinds of pets, as they offer medical services to treat and diagnose conditions, wellness and vaccination programs to prevent illness, pet nutrition advice and much more. As a new client, you can expect to be greeted with a smile from all staff members and treated with patience and compassion on every step of your pets medical journey.

The Cat Vet

If you’re looking for a vet that specialises in caring for furry felines, then look no further than The Cat Vet on Bealey Avenue. From routine dental check ups to intensive care and everything in between, The Cat Vet is well equipped to deal with it all. They offer in-depth behaviour consultations to all of their patients where you can expect to have a long conversation about your cat so they can find out all about their personality, and offer you the best solutions to make sure they lead a long and healthy life.

Avonhead Veterinary Clinic

Committed to providing excellent medical, surgical and nursing care to their animal patients, as well as superior service to their human clients, Avonhead Vets will go that extra step to make sure you and your pet are both as happy and comfortable as possible. They look to establish close, long-term relationships with all of their clients, and truly care for all of their patients they treat. With a modern practice fitted with high-quality medical equipment, your pet will only receive the best at Avonhead Veterinary Clinic.

Wairakei Road Veterinary Clinic

The team at Wairakei Road Veterinary Clinic are proud to be able to provide a modern level of care that is coupled with compassion and friendly service by every member of staff. They offer a wide range of services from routine practices such as vaccinations and desexing to intensive or prolonged treatments and diagnostics. You can also seek fantastic advice from them regarding pet nutrition and weight management as well as behavioral and neurological advice.

Wigram Vet

Wigram Vet support your pet by taking a ‘holistic approach’ to their medical care, nutrition, physical and social wellbeing. In conjunction with all of the excellent medical services you’d expect to receive from a vet, Wigram also offers a ‘Good Dog Spa’. This includes luxury grooming for your pet that focuses on low stress handling and positive reinforcement, physical and hydrotherapy treatments to restore their wellbeing, and daycare or boarding services if your dog needs to be looked after while you’re away.

At The Vets Veterinary Clinic

As a BESTPRACTICE accredited veterinary clinic by the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA), you can be assured that At The Vets offer their animal clients and their owners the greatest standard of veterinary care possible, at all times. This includes an extensive range of services including radiology, cancer care, endoscopy, rabbit medicine and exotic animal, guinea pig and bird care. They also offer specialised treatment programs for kittens, puppies and geriatric pets.

Total Vets

By combining a team of knowledgeable and experienced veterinarians and vet nurses with modern equipment, Total Vets are able to offer all customers and their companions exceptional veterinary, surgical and medical care. By using a unique, individually tailored approach to treating each pet that enters their clinic, based on factors such as age, medical history, lifestyle and living location, Total Vets are able to provide a treatment plan that delivers the exact level of care they require.

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