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Where to walk your dog in Auckland

If you're new to Auckland, you may be wondering where the best places to walk your pup may be. Thankfully, Auckland is full of awesome dog parks and dog friendly walks so that your dog can get off it's leash and stretch it's legs! For your convenience, we've compiled a list of 5 of the best places to walk your dog in Auckland.

Where to walk your dog in Auckland

If you’re new to the city or if you’re a kiwi house sitter, you may be wondering where the best place to take your dog might be. Rather than keeping them cooped up in your house or in your backyard, it’s always better to take them places where they can properly stretch their legs, have fun and get some exercise. Luckily, Auckland is filled with stunning views and awesome parks to make any dog wag their tail in excitement!

Inland dog walking areas: parks, walks and fields

It’s not always easy to tell where you can and where you can’t walk your dog - the bylaws can be very confusing. To make it easier, we’ve gathered a few of the most popular dog walking locations, parks and fields for you and your dog to have the best time yet. 

1. Kakamatua Inlet

Kakamatua Inlet is known as one of the most dog friendly beaches, not just in Auckland, but all around New Zealand. Take one step onto the beach in summer time, and you’ll spot several dogs jumping, chasing and playing in a matter of seconds. It’s no secret that dogs love beaches - they love getting their paws dirty in the sand and water holes and some love jumping into the ocean for a refreshing swim! 

Located about 45 minutes from the city centre, Kakamatua Inlet is the perfect place for your dog to build confidence in the water since the water is usually quite calm. There is also a freshwater stream there too for your pup to either hydrate, or sprint through!

2. Mercer Bay Loop

The track that leads to the highest sea cliffs in Auckland, not only provides a stunning view for you, but will also give your dog the hard exercise it may need. Enjoy luxurious and aesthetically pleasing views from the top of the sea cliff that will make the walk worthwhile. Your dog will love the exercise and will be tuckered out after reaching the top, but our experience with dogs is that they’ll be up and ready to do it again soon after. 

3. Dog park at Meola Reef

Let your dog off its leash and let your canine friend run free through this amazing dog park. The dog park at Meola Reef is fully fenced so you won’t have to worry about your dog running out of sight and is perfect for new dog owners who want to practice off leash walking with their dogs. 

Just a 10 minute drive from the Auckland CBD, it’s the perfect place for both your dog and family to spend the day. You won’t have to worry about finding parking as there’s plenty of free parking available and you’ll be sure to find a few canine companions for your dog. 

4. Orakei Basin 

Take your favourite companion on this journey to see the exceptional views that this park boasts. The 4km walk takes you around the basin using the boardwalk to a few swimming areas where your dog can jump in, splash around and practice it’s doggy paddling! 

You’ll be able to let your dog off its leash and and the walk has a good ratio of uphill and flat terrain to make it a challenging, yet enjoyable walk that will get both you and your dog knackered at the end. 

5. Mt Eden Dog Park

A crowd favourite, the Mt Eden dog park is a great place to take your furry friend as you can revel in the view as you reach the top. 

Situated on the side of Mt Eden, there’s an off leash area for your pup to play around in and enjoy the company of other dogs. The park is big enough for your pooch to be able to have a good run around and explore, while offering hydration in the trough of water there. This area is also enclosed, ensuring that your dog won’t get lost on it’s adventures!

Other dog areas

Auckland is full of great places that your dog will love and it’s no wonder they’re known as a ‘dog friendly city’.  You don’t have to be limited to the five places we’ve mentioned either. There are so many other fantastic dog parks, beaches and walks that you can take your dog for a treat. Don’t forget, the places you take your dog doesn’t just have to be confined to what your dog would love. You can choose an activity that you’ll both love and chances are, your dog will be happy as long as you’re there alongside them. 

An afternoon adventure with your furry friend can always be a great time, you’ll enjoy a nice breeze and you may even be able to catch a sunrise if your timing is right. Venturing with your dog early in the morning can also be a fantastic way to start your day - with your best pal by your side! 

If you’re house sitting in Auckland and you’re having to look after pets too, this list can be a good go-to list for when you’re unsure of where to take the pets, especially if you’re not familiar with Auckland! Just remember, every dog is different. Some may not need the most extravagant adventure and may be satisfied with a simple walk through the park. Other dogs may require a good run around and more time spent with it. It all depends on the dog!

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