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Where to walk your dog in Christchurch

If you're looking after a dog in Christchurch, it's always handy to have a list of places you can take your dog so that you won't have to take your dog to the usual spot every time. Christchurch is full of great places to take your furry friend so that they'll get some good exercise and have the most fun!

Where to walk your dog in Christchurch

If you’re in Christchurch and looking for a place to walk your dog, you’re in luck. Christchurch has an abundance of great dog friendly locations and boasts many parks, walks and other activities that you can take your furry friend to. Each dog is different and may enjoy different types of activities but one thing is certain - all dogs love having their awesome owner by their side, and that’s what counts! As long as you’re there with them, your dog will have a blast. 

It can be a bit tricky however, finding the best places for dog walking, as the bylaws can be confusing! You might not know whether some areas are allowed to have dogs, or if some spots can have dogs but only if they’re on leashes. If you’re new to Christchurch or just house sitting in NZ, you also might not know where dog friendly areas are and what they’re like. To make this easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best walking areas to take your dog. 

Inland dog walking areas 

The key to finding the best place to walk your dog, is to think about places where dogs are allowed, where dogs can be let off their leash and ideally, it’ll be a place that both you and your dog will enjoy visiting.   Luckily, Christchurch boasts plenty of great spots to walk your dog so that you and your best pal can have the best time yet!

1. The Groynes Dog Park 

Pack your dogs lead, water and treats and find your way to this doggy paradise. With a huge open space for your dog to sprint around in, and two spring-fed streams to hydrate in, your dog will love you for taking it on this trip. 

There are also small obstacle courses for those dogs wanting to challenge themselves even further. If you’re at the Groynes dog park with your family or friends, you can get the BBQ going at the picnic area to enjoy a nice feed. 

2. Port Hills

If you’re looking for a fitness challenge for both you and your dog, Port Hills is the place to go. It’s the perfect way to challenge your fitness levels and see if you can keep up with your dog! Once you see the view from the top, it’ll all be worth it. Be sure to pack some water for both you and your pup as you’ll likely need it once you’ve reached the top. 

3. Rapaki track

The reward for reaching the end of the Rapaki track is being able to sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning views from the top. You’ll be able to see the city, beach and ocean views making it an absolute treat. This track is excellent for dogs with higher exercise needs as this track will get them knackered at the end and all the while still keen to do it again. Pack some water, treats and your dog’s leash and put your comfiest sneakers on to get ready to climb this track!

Rapaki track is easy to get to and it’s just a 5-8 minute drive from the city centre. However, parking is very limited especially during summer where this track becomes a popular destination for people, so you may have to park on the road. 

4. Rawhiti Domain

Rawhiti Domain is a huge forested area with a lot to do for all types of people as there’s a sports facility newly built, with a beautiful tennis court for tennis lovers, and a great grass area for a picnic. Not only that, but there’s a fenced dog park for the dogs to get their paws dirty and for them to have a good run around. It’s big enough for you to have a classic game of catch or frisbee with your pup and on a sunny day you can be sure to find a lot of other dogs for your dog to socialise with. 

Overall Rawhiti Domain is a fantastic place to take the family for the day as there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

5. Bottle Lake Forest 

If you’re looking for a great place to walk your dog, you’re in luck. Bottle Lake Forest is the perfect dog walking place with a peaceful forest track for you to enjoy nature while giving your dog the exercise it needs. 

While there is no designated dog area at Bottle Lake Forest, it’s quite a popular destination for people to take their dogs. No leashes are required either so your dog can run freely and have a proper stretch of legs. Play fetch with your dog or throw a frisbee and watch your dog catch it in the air! Whatever you play with your dog, there’ll be plenty of space to do it in as there is 1000 hectares of pine forest. 

Other dog areas

Christchurch is packed with parks, trails and walks for you to enjoy with your canine buddy. If you’re planning to housesit in Christchurch for a while then you should check out all of the dog friendly areas mentioned above, so that the dog you’re looking after has the best time possible under your care. 

It pays to know all the possible walking spots to take your dog so that you can visit new areas or you can revisit spots that you know your dog loves and will get its tail wagging! Some spots are also better during certain times of the day too. Generally, early morning walks with the dog is a great way to start your day with a bit of exercise for you too. Later in the afternoon on a sunny day can be wonderful too, as you may even get a glimpse of the sunset on your adventure. 

It’s important to remember though, that each dog is different and have different needs. Some dogs may need some intense exercise to get rid of an excessive amount of energy they may have, whereas some will only need a small walk in the park to get them tired enough to have a snooze soon after.

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