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Where to walk your dog in Wellington

Luckily in Wellington there are a number of dog friendly parks, walks and beaches. Keeping your options open when getting out and about is always a plus. Especially if you have kids in the weekend! Just like kids, dogs love different types of stimulation and exploring new places and things to do.

Luckily in Wellington there are a number of dog friendly parks, walks and beaches. Keeping your options open when getting out and about is always a plus. Especially if you have kids in the weekend! Just like kids, dogs love different types of stimulation and exploring new places and things to do.

As house sitters in the Wellington region, knowing when and where you can take a dog always helps, particularly if you house sit regularly in which case you may move around frequently.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 locations to walk your dog in Wellington. Whether you’re going to walk your dog during the morning, lunchtime or at night, each of these areas is spacious and should be entertaining for both you and your dog.

Some dogs prefer to run wild at dogs parks and play with other dogs, while some are more attached to their owners and prefer to walk near or alongside you. Either way, dogs need exercise just like we do! So here’s a list of the top 5 locations for them to get it.

Remember, there are two types of dog areas in the Wellington region:

Inland dog walking areas: parks, walks and fields

Beach exercise areas

Taking your dog off the leash is great! Dogs love it and it makes it a lot easier to look after your dog (as long as they’re trained!).

  1. Ohiro Park, Brooklyn

An absolute favourite, Ohiro Park is pretty massive. With a range of different types of terrain such as gravel, grass, hills and bridges, there’s something for people and dogs here at varying fitness levels. While definitely large enough to throw a ball around, walking up to one of Wellington’s classic views (many of which lead to walking tracks) is also an option.

The car park here is almost as large as the park (just kidding), so you won’t have trouble finding enough space to set the car up. From dusk until dawn there are usually dogs here, although friendly Brooklyn locals all seem to recognise each other from dog walks of the past.

We strongly recommend checking out this park at any time of the day. Click here to see the full map of Ohiro Park.

2. The terrace

City slicking but still need to take the dog out to stretch its legs? Just like the area, this dog friendly area is much more constricted than other dog areas, but is probably suited to many of the types of dogs in the area.

While just like the motorway there can be a little bit of congestion in the morning, most visitors don’t stay for too long which means that this can be over pretty quickly.

Above the motorway entrance to the terrace tunnel, there’s reasonable access from both sides but if you’re traveling from afar it can be tricky to find a park.  Want to check it out? See the Terrace tunnel dog park map here.

3. Newtown park

This easy to access off-leash dog area is great for the dogs and usually not so far from home. Whether you coming out from Houghton Bay over the hill or from anywhere in Newtown, while this park isn’t spacious there’s a slight incline which is nice for building up a bit of a sweat.

Dogs seem to love it, and in our experience it doesn’t get too packed out which is always nice. Careful with the road as there are some areas that are nearer to the road without fences, but if you go deeper into the area then your dogs should be fine.

Parking here is quite easy too which makes it a nice stop off, perhaps on the way to work or the dog kennel for the day. Scattered with pine trees, it’s also a reasonably scenic area which is a lovely way to start or finish your day. Find the location here

4. Hataitai Bay beach

While not an “off-leash” area, Hataitai bay beach allows you to walk your dogs on a leash at all times during the winter period. In saying that, during summer you mustn’t walk your dog before after 10am or before 7pm so that dogs and humans don’t collide!

Aside from this, you’ve got free reign on the beach. Obviously remember to pick up any dog poop is this can be an unpleasant surprise at any beach picnic.

We have to say, that walking your dog on the beach in the morning, especially one like Hataitai Bay Beach is an excellent start to the day! If you’re interested in finding out more, see the specific dog permitted area here.

5. Makara Beach

Anyone who has been here with their pet will know that dogs simply love this place. There’s so much room to run around and if you’re game enough to brave the wind then you’ll love it too.

While it’s a bit of a drive out to Makara, residents of Karori can certainly make it out there in 15 or 20 minutes. Obviously it’s a bit out of the way, but it’s totally worth it and often the drive can be great for a morning wake up or to wind down at night time.

The great news is that the whole area is off-leash which makes things pretty simple. Just open the dog and let loose!

Other dog areas

As we mentioned, Wellington is lucky enough to simply be packed with dog permitted areas! While some have quite specific restrictions around time of use, and other may not be too spacious for dogs of all sizes or crowds, it always pays to know the different spots you can check out. It will do both you and your dog good!

Our preference is always the early morning walks, maybe if you’re keen enough with a little bit of a sunrise thrown in! Other than that, late nights can be great if you just make sure you take a jacket. Everyone knows that you can’t be too careful in Wellington!

As house sitters in Wellington, knowing different places to take dogs can definitely have it’s advantages. In some cases, slightly unruly dogs will be harder to walk on the leash and owners will benefit from going straight to off-leash dog parks. For other dogs, simply taking them somewhere they can stretch their legs is just enough before another walk later in the day.

Further information

Interested in finding out more about taking your dog out or owning a dog?

Dog registration

Your responsibilities for walking a dog

Policies and bylaws for certain areas for your dog

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